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Isabel  Mello is more than a name or a personal project. It means passion. Passion for sculpture. Each piece of art produced  by this Portuguese artist is like a bridge between her inner self and the outer world . Sharing the view of Edgar Degas “Art is not what you see but what you make others see”. Her work is a never ending inspirational talk. Having a keen interest in Alpaca, also called German Silver, she  produces elegant, sophisticated ,gorgeous and delicate  figures. Sometimes the final piece of art can be an eclectic mix of stone, wood, metal or any other material  but the final result is always amazing and unique.
Being Portuguese, the sea is a big part of her the inspiration. The discoveries, the blue ocean, the strength of the wind. It is impossible not to feel the influence of the elements when you are around her work.

She has been involved in numerous group exhibitions and has held three solo exhibitions.
Over the years as an artist and designer she has done illustrations, logos, designed furniture, jewellery, etc. — She cares  about beauty and the wonder of the union between form and function.
With followers and devoted clients  around the world  Isabel Mello can be invited to create something really special and unique, from a designed artwork, to decorate your home, to a special edition trophie.

Allow yourself to be vulnerable to art and beauty.


António Benito

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